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13pc Spark plug maintenance kit

Content: 3/8"DR.
8323 18...24   2-Torque adapter 18Nm; 24Nm
802318             1-Flexible ratchet handle
807316M...20.6M  2-Magnetic spark plug socket 16; 20.6 mm
8043150                1-Extension 150mm-6"
61802                     1-26 sizes Feeler gauges (SAE & Metric)
63001                      1-Spark plug hole thread chaser
63004                      1-14mm Spark plug hole rethreader
9U3001                   1-Brass & Nylon scrape brushes
9G3101                   1-Calibrated ignition tester (HEI system)
9G3102                   1-Calibrated ignition tester (Standard system)
9G0107                   1-Spark plug boot pliers

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